Adult Classes (Sundays)

Christian Education classes are offered on Sunday at 11:30am.

Topics and studies covered in Sunday School change each year. There are often classes that specifically look more in depth at certain books of the Bible and there are classes that cover a wide range of topics related to issues faced in living out the Christian life. Sometimes there are special classes that are held for a specific number of weeks. Please consult our postings for current class options.

During this time of emergency measures put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, all Christian Education classes will be conductive over Zoom. Please contact Pastor Nolan if you need the link.

Current Classes (Spring 2020)

Reading 1 & 2 Kings for Life Application

The authors of 1 & 2 Kings complied the documents of Israel’s history from the time of David to the fall of Jerusalem. This book of history answers the questions: “What happened? How did we lose our land, our temple, and the blessings of Elohim, the God of Israel?” If you want to learn what these stories teach us about personal leadership, facing failure and holding onto faith, please join us.

Facilitator: Mr. Francis Lee

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