Adult Classes (Sundays)

Christian Education classes are offered on Sunday after service.

Topics and studies covered in Sunday School change each year. There are often classes that specifically look more in depth at certain books of the Bible and there are classes that cover a wide range of topics related to issues faced in living out the Christian life. Sometimes there are special classes that are held for a specific number of weeks. Please consult the Sunday bulletin for current class options. Alternatively speak with one of the ushers or pastors to find out more about the classes currently being offered and the rooms they are held in.

If there is a specific topic of interest or if you are interested in teaching an Adult Sunday School class, please speak with our adult Sunday school coordinator, Simon Pan at

Current Classes (Winter 2018):

University and Recent Grads – Christian Living in the Workplace

Join us as we explore what it means to live as Christians during the “other 6 days of the week”.  Especially with regards to our jobs and careers.

Facilitator: Sam Wong

Reading Scripture Together: The Last Days of Jesus

Leading into Good Friday, the Bible study will look at the events leading up to the cross and the Gospel’s description of Christ’s suffering and death.

Starts on February 25.

Facilitator: Mr. Simon Pan

BASIC by Francis Chan

According to the Bible, what are the basic elements that make up the Christian life?  This course will provide a starting place for being Rooted in Christ and also serves as a pre-baptism class.

Facilitator: Pastor Nolan Lee

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