Leading TCBC’s English Ministry is Pastor Nolan Lee.  Pastor Nolan served as TCBC’s English ministry pastor in the years 1999-2008. He went on to serve as the pastor of West End Baptist Church in Halifax for 5 years and returned in 2013. He was ordained in the Convention Baptists of Ontario and Quebec in 2003. He is married to Pam they have 2 daughters, both born in Toronto.


As a Baptist Church we believe that God’s Holy Spirit guides our ministry through the unified voice of the congregation. This principle shapes the Baptist understanding of “the Priesthood of All Believers”. All church business involves a process in which ultimately each member endorses major decisions and/or delegates responsibility to other mature members of the church body. Overseeing this is a leadership structure whereby vision is discerned and ministries developed. The leadership structure at TCBC includes the pastoral team, Board of Deacons and executive board which consist of the heads of the various department and ministry committees. Listed below are just a few of the key people you should know.

TCBC Pastoral Team

English Ministry                   Rev. Nolan Lee        

Cantonese Pastor                Pastor. Jocelyn Fok

Mandarin Pastor                  Pastor Esther Wang

Volunteer Pastor                 Rev. Perry Lee (Cantonese Ministry)

Volunteer Pastor                  Rev. Joseph Chan (Mandarin Ministry)

Volunteer Pastor                  Pastor Kirk Chan (Cantonese Ministry)

Volunteer Pastor                  Pastor Mei Ngo (Cantonese Ministry)

Founding Pastor                  Rev. Andrew Wong


Church Staff

Church Secretary                 Ms. Loletta Chow        

Executive Board Chair        Mr. Jimmy Leung

Deacon Board Chair            Mr. Tom Yeung

English Ministry Chair         Mr. Steve Sam        

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