About TCBC

In 1967, a core group of 3 families began praying and planning to launch a church in the Toronto Chinatown area. The first Chinese worship was in November, with 12 in attendance. Andrew Wong became the pastor of TCBC in 1968 and served as the senior pastor until 2008.

The English ministry began as an overflow of the original Cantonese speaking congregation. The bi-lingual service began (Cantonese-English) and eventually became an English only service. Our congregational look and style is inter-generational and increasingly inter-cultural.

You will have no problem attending the English Worship service if you only speak English. There have been 5 pastors of the English congregation and all were raised and educated in North America. In other words, our pastors didn’t know how to speak Chinese either!

Our current pastor Rev. Nolan Lee served as our 4th English ministry pastor in the years 1999-2008. He went on to serve as the pastor of West End Baptist Church in Halifax for 5 years and returned in 2013. He was ordained in the Convention Baptists of Ontario and Quebec in 2003. He married Pam the very next year and together they have 2 daughters, both born in Toronto.

In October 2017, TCBC  celebrated their 50th Anniversary of serving the Lord in the Chinatown neighbourhood.  A short video was created for the Anniversary Banquet with a short history of the church and highlighting the church fellowships and activities.

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English Sunday Worship Service information can be found here.

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